Way to Win’s Taylor Holden Calls on Congress to Support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Resolution to Create a Green New Deal

AUSTIN, TX - Taylor Holden, Director of Partnerships at Way to Win, the all women-led, progressive donor and political strategy hub, issued the following statement today calling on Congress to support Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s House Resolution to create a Green New Deal:

“Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. The devastating effects of climate change have only just begun to touch the life of every person, especially people of color and low-income people.

“Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is the daring solution our country and planet needs to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change, and to provide an economy and future that works for everyone.

“Now is not the time for either party to restrict their imagination of what’s possible because they’re afraid of the fossil fuel industry, whose sole priority is maintaining a healthy bottom line. Democrats were elected to lead, so they should lead. They should pick the fight and give voters a reason to show up for them by offering a set of policies that will improve people’s lives.”


About Way to Win

Way To Win is a progressive strategy hub co-founded by Tory Gavito, Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, Leah Hunt-Hendrix, in 2017, comprised of donors and community organizers partnering with candidates and local grassroots organizations creating a new approach to politics as we know it. Way To Win supports representation reflective of the values and diversity of the United States. They seek to facilitate lasting progressive change that will transform our government for the better, and bring equanimity to all facets of US government. For more information on Way To Win, visit: waytowin.us

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