Way to Win President Tory Gavito Calls on the Senate to Approve Sweeping Anti-Corruption & Voting Rights Bill

AUSTIN, TX - Tory Gavito, President of Way to Win, a homebase for progressive donors and organizers driving ideas to improve lives and build a country that works for all of us, issued the following statement calling on the Senate to approve the House’s sweeping anti-corruption and voting rights bill:

“Shame on Majority Leader McConnell for his refusal to bring up the House’s sweeping anti-corruption and voting rights bill. We are living in a time where each election cycle costs more than the last, and each costs billions of dollars. Special interests have essentially unchecked influence on elections and policy change because of the money they bring to the table, which deeply undermines the hopes and dreams of working people and families.

Republicans are cracking down on access to the ballot everywhere, not because they care about preserving the integrity of the democratic process, but because they figure they’re more likely to win if fewer people of color, young people, and working people are able to access their fundamental right to vote.

HR 1 is a necessary step to ensure decision makers serve the people, not special interests, and that the people have the power to determine who represents them. If Republicans actually worked on the behalf of all Americans, they would bring HR 1 to the Senate floor for a vote. Republicans aren’t doing their job, but it’s heartening to see Democrats putting pressure on them until they do.”


About Way To Win

Way to Win is a national resource and strategy hub moving millions to upend politics as usual. We work in partnership with those most impacted by injustice to win near-term elections while building long-term power, to improve lives, and to achieve a representative democracy that works for all. For more information on Way to Win, visit: waytowin.us.

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