Way to Win President Tory Gavito Calls on Congress to Support Senator Gillibrand’s Voter Empowerment Act

AUSTIN, TX - Tory Gavito, President at Way to Win, the women-led, progressive donor and political strategy hub, issued the following statement today calling on Congress to enact Senator Gillibrand’s Voter Empowerment Act:

“Too many Americans—especially people of color and low-income people—face steep barriers to participating in democracy. These barriers, regardless of what some politicians say, are motivated by racial discrimination and brazenly exploitative attempts to self-select their own electorate. Voting is a fundamental right afforded to all Americans and should be protected and promoted at all costs. The Voter Empowerment Act is a step toward that.

Senator Gillibrand’s bill is the minimum we should do to ensure that voting throughout our country is fair and equally accessible for every American. I applaud Senator Gillibrand and her co-sponsors for their leadership, and Congress should move swiftly to enact this legislation.”


About Way To Win

Way to Win is a national resource and strategy hub moving millions to upend politics as usual. We work in partnership with those most impacted by injustice to win near-term elections while building long-term power, to improve lives, and to achieve a representative democracy that works for all. For more information on Way to Win, visit: waytowin.us.

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