Signals of Success

How we know we’re winning

What sets us apart from our competitors: we are clear in defining our goals, we are transparent in the allocation of resources and the accounting of what they aim to accomplish, and we know that traditional granular metrics (e.g. number of people registered to vote per day) do not capture bigger power shifts. We move real resources in real time, and we have won campaigns in the South and Southwest region. This experience gives us unparalleled trust from leaders on the ground and donors supporting the strategy. Below, you’ll find our Signals of Success: new metrics that help us measure true winning.


Shift money to the ground

Way to Win will invest in and track the number of donors participating in the Way to Win model, creating a culture of transparency in political giving to one another and the organizations leading the work to ensure there are sufficient resources to win and govern. Way to Win will diligently track other political giving to monitor whether our model is impacting other investors.


Remove barriers to democratic participation

Way to Win will invest in and track the number of voters whose voting rights have been restored and enhanced, shifting the responsibility of voter registration into scaled, modern government programs, away from the private sector engaged in card collection. Efforts to register one voter at a time will not build power alone. We will instead invest in bold efforts that expand voting rights and enfranchise voters to consolidate our majority at the ballot box.


Build a more inclusive electorate

Way to Win will invest in and track the rise in raw votes and vote share of the progressive base to determine whether we are on the path to winning electoral power our target states. We know how many new votes we need for 2020 and how 2017, 2018, and 2019 will help us get there. Our efforts will build on years of successful organizing and electoral victories in 2016 that we will replicate in 2018.

Deliver on racial and economic justice in Cities and states

Voters must start feeling the benefits of electing progressive leadership in their daily lives. Way to Win will invest in and track the financial impact of policy change that make lives better by increasing economic stability and mobility, and the numbers of people who benefit from these policies. Strong independent political organizations will build the power necessary to hold elected officials accountable and help them govern from a position of strength.


Clarify and shift narratives

The first step in delivering on the racial and economic justice agenda diverse communities need to thrive is how candidates campaign: what they say, and who they say it to. We both track these messages, and provide groups serving our communities the resources to tell their own stories, both during campaigns and after, in holding elected representatives accountable.


Reflective Democracy Wins

We will rigorously track the number of candidates who reflect our values and our communities’ priorities and histories. Our base needs to do more than turnout—we need to lead. We will invest in their leadership as candidates, organizers, and strategists in 2018. We know reflective leaders hold the winning formula because of their performance in 2016 and 2017.